Cultural youth work

Cultural youth work

djo is committed to contributing to a society that cherishes cultural diversity. We want to provide a creative home for building one’s own cultural identity and equip everyone with the skills to act in different cultural contexts. Cultural youth work is key to exploring one’s own cultural identity.

Today’s society is not only defined by “the one culture”, but consists of many different cultural systems and communities. Cultural education therefore is an important building block in individual personal development.

(Inter-)cultural learning exposes children and youths to various cultures and teaches them to experience and live their own identity. Cultural heritage, such as traditional dance and music, are equally a part of our pedagogical mission as contemporary culture, such as modern dance and music (Hip-hop, Jazz, etc.), theatre, youth bands, radio projects, and many more.

Cultural youth work is a significant pillar within djo. It teaches young people awareness and understanding of their own and other cultural lives and traits and shows ways to deal with differences. djo wants to contribute to conveying the cultures of the places where our member organizations originated from. In addition, we are committed to a society of cultural diversity and free of racism.