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Everyone, who identifies themselves with the goals, codes and statutes, can become a member in djo – Deutsche Jugend in Europa, Landesverband Bayern e.V..

djo is an umbrella organization that lets you choose from the following types of membership:

  • Individual membership
  • djo-groups
  • Societies
  • Regional associations

The Landesjugendtag (member’s general meeting) decides about the admission into




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djo – Deutsche Jugend in Europa, Landesverband Bayern e.V. is a recognized and certified provider of free youth support. For this reason the following criteria need to be satisfied for admission:


  • Acknowledgement of djo’s statute
  • Elected youth executive board of trustees
  • Own youth account
  • Own youth code of conduct



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Advantages of a djo membership:


Member groups, societies, and associations of djo are recognized and certified providers of free youth support and are therefore entitled to receive state support for their work. In addition, the membership in djo has to offer:

  • Financial support of activities
  • Consulting, advising, and support by the state head office
  • Trainings and seminars
  • Networking across other organizations engaged in youth work
  • Representation of political interests
  • A large offering of events and workshops
  • Insurance protection
  • And much more …



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