International youth work

djo sees international youth work as an important contribution to peace, reconciliation, and understanding between young people. Our activities reach from youth exchanges, youth leader exchanges, to guest programmes and international festivals of culture.


Youth exchanges

Participants in international youth exchanges and camps are given the chance to reflect both on their own country and partner country, as well as the countries’ histories. Initial reservations and language barriers quickly disappear by joining in dance and music. Participants build friendships across borders and dive into unknown cultures, their customs, traditions, and habits. Moreover, the exchange with other nationalities promotes personal development and intercultural competences.

Every year, djo organizes various youth exchanges in diverse countries, such as Russia, Brazil, USA, Hungary, Belarus, Serbia, Israel, ….


Youth Leader programmes and exchanges

The international exchange of professionals (Youth group leaders) provides youth leaders to link worldwide. Group workshops and activities cover many different types of youth work as well as their methods. Professionals who engage in youth work are able to build on their existing skills and social competences. Moreover, intercultural competences play a large role in international professionals’ exchanges.


Der Ton macht die Musik

Baikal 2.0


Der Mitgliedsverein "Jugendorchester Gersthofen" veranstaltete im Sommer 2016 eine musikalische Jugendbegegnung mit Brasilien. Neben dem gemeinsamen musizieren standen noch viele weitere spannende Aktivitäten auf dem Programm. Hier kannst du den gesamten Bericht nachlesen.


Im Sommer 2017 veranstaltet die djo-Bayern einen internationalen Fachkräfteaustasuch mit Russland. Jugendliche Multiplikatoren werden in einer 10 Tägigen Maßnahme gemeinsam raften, wandern und Zelten und sich hierbei über Methoden der Jugendarbeit austauschen. Interesse? Dann melde dich schnell an!